Altrovis Global Inovasi, was innovated since business-driven explored divided business software and hardware, to modernize business scale among customer needs, focusing digital payment business.

It would help provided hardware and devices such as EDC, ATM hardware for data center and others.

We are proud to partner with


Focused on delivery of digital payment integration

  • Messaging Platform

  • Payment Switching

  • Payment Gateway

  • Disbursement

  • Hardware & Devices

  • Mobile & Web Development

  • Data Analytics

Messaging Platform


  • SMS Outbound (MASKING)
  • SMS Inbound USSD & UMB
  • Mobile Advertising LBA TARGETED
  • E-Mail Broadcast
  • WhatsApp Broadcast & Interactive


  • SMS

Payment Switching

Switching billers is known as payment point online bank (PPOB) or an online payment system using banking facilities. In this case, the payment in question can vary, ranging from mobile phone credit, PLN, BPJS Kesehatan, PDAM, internet data packages, multi finance, installment and many more. Payment method for PPOB are also vary.

The options are credit cards, bank transfer, wallet payment and in store payment. It makes payment more accessible for many

Top-up Electronic-Money

Single API & Batch Upload

  • Account Validation
  • Top-up max. Rp 20 Million / monthly
  • Reporting Dashboard

Connecting Multi Finance

With others:

  • Kredivo
  • Home Kredit
  • Artha Prima Finance
  • Others

Payment Gateway

Works together with partners


Single API & Batch Upload

  • Account Validation
  • Top-up max. Rp 25 Million / monthly
  • Reporting Dashboard

Hardware & Devices

  • Provide EDC with payment digital
  • Partner and reseller