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We make SharePoint Happen.

Who we are.

Founded in 2011, Altrovis is an Award Winning Leading Consulting & System Integrator Company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We specialize in Microsoft Products such as Microsoft Sharepoint for Enterprise Collaboration, SQL Business Intelligence, Lync, Exchange, etc.
We work closely with various clients, from private and public sectors.
Our working culture and team will help you to form a well-designed architecture, develop a suitable business process, and wrap it with a beautiful and dynamic interface.


We can help!

Altrovis is a company focused on delivery of services, especially IT. We help our clients meeting their needs in order to increase their productivity.

Based on our experience, we are able to provide solutions such as Intranet Portal, Website, or application that has a specific need for a company.
We are ready to help you identify, assess, manage current and future risks, measure and monitor the effectiveness of your risk management strategies.
We are also able to look at infrastructure trends, software and system rollout, as well as user adoption and governance plans.
We use a variety of Microsoft technologies to support our work such as Sharepoint, .NET, Office365, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

Some of Our Clients.

Bank Indonesia


Biro Pusat Statistik

Pustekkom RI


Star Energy

Adira Finance

Join the team.

We are a fast-growing IT company in Indonesia.

Our core business is providing enterprise solutions in latest Microsoft Technologies, especially ASP.NET and SharePoint.
As we expand our business, we challenge you to grow alongside us at Altrovis.
We are looking for smart, motivated, and responsible person to occupy the following positions:

Web Developer [WEBDEV]

Infrastructure Engineer [INFENG]

Pendataan Keluarga BKKBN

Pendataan Keluarga (PK) is an application which manages the family datas in Indonesia.
Application users can input the data online or offline. Offline means users can use excel form which they can download from the application.
They input the data in excel (without internet connection), then the excel is uploaded to the application. All the data, both online and offline will be stored in a central database, which we call PK's database (Online Transaction Processing).
Beside the PK's database, we also have the datawarehouse/DWH (Online Analytic Processing). Synchronization from PK's database to DWH is scheduled routinely every 5 hours. Users can view the report based on DWH's data instantly When users search for a person or a family, the application will show the results based on PK's database instantly. Users can search and view reports based on the region.

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